Se viene el torneo de fútbol infantil
Próximamente se abre la inscripción al tradicional replicas relojes breitling torneo para chicos y chicas.


Breitling Unleashes a brand new Digi-Analog caliber, the solely in-house designed B50, using the new This isn’t the very first watch named “Cockpit” to leave the Breitling Brand, nevertheless its the very first that’s really made to be worn in a single! Very awesome  having a plug-for the reason that enables you to definitely turn it on to some computer USB.

Outfitted having a sturdy and lightweight situation in natural or black carbon-coated titanium, the Cockpit replica chronograph relojes de imitacion flaunts a resolutely technical, effective and masculine appearance - which makes it the archetypal authentic Breitling “Instrument for professionals”. To facilitate the handling of their multiple functions, the Cockpit replica is outfitted having a particularly simple,

logical and consistent control system, featuring function-selection via crown rotation and activation/deactivation by two pushpieces. This impeccable user ambiance is reinforced through the interface messages appearing around the screens and guiding the consumer with the various operations. Additionally to “pilot” mode, the movement also provides a “sport” mode that temporarily reduces the amount of functions available.


Trabajar para desarrollar la estructura e infraestructura necesarias para consolidar el crecimiento del club, en la práctica de los deportes estatutarios (rugby, hockey y cricket) y resaltando los valores tradicionales.

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